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How to connect your Koala account to WordPress

One of our recently added features is WordPress Integration.

WordPress Integration

Once an article is complete, this feature allows you to click a single button, and a draft will be created on your WordPress site.

Once you enable the feature, you will be able to see the "Create Draft" button above all your articles on KoalaWriter. It will look like this:

Note: We can't integrate to sites hosted by since they don't support WordPress' built-in Application Passwords.

1. Create an Application Password.

Application Passwords can't be used to access your WordPress account. There's no need to worry about your website's security.

But if you're still hesitant, you can connect a user profile with only an Author or Editor role. In fact, we highly recommend you do so.

Step-by-Step Video

This video walks you through how to create an Application Password. But if you prefer written instructions, please scroll down to the next section.

Written Instructions

• Log in to your WordPress account.

Make sure that you log in as a user with an Author, Editor, or Admin role.

• Go to the Profile page.

You can find this under the Users menu on the sidebar.

• On the Profile page, scroll down until you find the Application Passwords.

• Enter an Application Password Name.

You can put anything you like, but we recommend putting the name of the software or application you plan to use the Application Password for. In this case, Koala.

• Click "Add New Application Password"

As soon as you click the button, a new Application Password should be created.

• Copy and store the Application Password somewhere secure.

Once you close the page, you can no longer access this Application Password. So, make sure to store it in your password manager, notes, or wherever else you keep your confidential details.

2. Log in to Koala and go to your Account page.

Now that you've created an Application Password for Koala, you can connect your WordPress site to your Koala account.

3. Click Connect, then input your details.

To avoid errors, I'll explain the three inputs that you need: WordPress Site Domain, WordPress Username, and WordPress Application Password.

WordPress Site Domain

Simply input the URL of your website. Please make sure that your site does not block the built-in WordPress REST API. Do not include the "https://" at the beginning!

WordPress Username

Please input the username or email you use to log into WordPress. Do not use the Application Password Name (i.e. Koala).

WordPress Application Password

For my example, this is what I input: 6rFu FkUk 50sz SOuy GzKB U1eP. Your Application Password should look similar to this.

Complete Input

This is what your details should look like:

4. Click Add Account.

If you did everything correctly, it should look like this!

5. Add Multiple WordPress websites.

To do this, simply press the "Connected" button, and you should be able to add more websites. Please go back to the first step for each WP website.

Updated on: 24/02/2024

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