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KoalaChat Commands

In KoalaChat you can use the following commands:

1. /dream


Example: /dream latte

Explanation: Generates an AI stock image for the provided prompt. Our AI automatically does prompt engineering for you, so you don't need to provide more context than simply the entity that you want to generate an image of.

2. /describe


Example: /describe bmw m4

Explanation: Returns 3 descriptions of the provided image. You can optionally provide extra context to help the AI understand the image.

3. /source


Example: /source what is the most expensive plan?

Explanation: Fetches the source URL and uses that as context for the prompt.

4. /ytsummary


Example: /ytsummary

Explanation: Returns a summary of the provided YouTube video based on the English captions.

5. /outline


Example: /outline

Explanation: Returns a list of headings for the provided source URL.

6. /entities


Example: /entities

Explanation: Returns a list of keywords, entities, and subtopics for the provided source URL. Uses 5 credits.

7. /da


Example: /da

Explanation: Returns the Domain Authority of the provided domain, powered by Moz.

8. /serp


Example: /serp can you eat watermelon seeds?

Explanation: Returns search engine results for the provided query, including title, description, and URL.

9. /kw


Example: /kw is * healthy

Explanation: Returns a list of keywords from Google autocomplete for the provided keyword search.

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Updated on: 30/11/2023

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