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Why does my account usage say I've used more words than I did?

There are two possible reasons why your account says you've used more words than the total word count of your articles.

1. GPT-4

Did you use GPT-4 to create any of your articles? If so, that would explain the higher usage—GPT-4 currently uses 5x more words than GPT-3.5 due to high costs.

GPT-4 higher cost warning on the KoalaWriter page

To check whether you used GPT-4 for your articles, open your article through KoalaWriter and click Details.

If you used GPT-4 without knowing this, please send us an email at

2. Articles in different languages

If you selected a language other than English for any of your articles, that might explain the higher cost. Some languages cost a lot to process due to how GPT tokenization works. You can read about that here.

Each letter in some languages is counted as an individual word since it is counted as a token regarding how we are billed. This is very different from English, where an entire word is counted as a single token. You can use the tool above to see how many tokens are used for your language vs. English text.

Contact Support

If you believe that number 1 and 2 don't apply to you, send us an email at so we can look into your account.

Please provide:
your account ID
any additional details that may help

Updated on: 25/10/2023

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