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How to create Amazon Product Roundups with KoalaWriter

As a one-click AI writer, creating Amazon Product Roundups with KoalaWriter is easy. You simply input your target keyword, edit your prompts, click "Write Article," and you'll have a finished affiliate article in minutes.

This guide is designed to familiarize new and potential subscribers with KoalaWriter's Amazon Product Roundups article type and its different inputs.

Now, let's walk through how to create affiliate articles using KoalaWriter.

GPT Version

Before choosing the article type you want to create, you must choose the GPT version.

GPT-4 vs. GPT-3.5

GPT-4 mainly has much better accuracy and reasoning capabilities than GPT-3.5. It is also more creative in its writing.

You should try it out for your niche before deciding, but generally, you will benefit the most from using GPT-4 if you need Koala to write about more technical topics. Otherwise, GPT-3.5 currently works well enough for average users.

Note: Choosing GPT-4 currently costs 5x more words than GPT-3.5.

Article Type

Currently, you can choose from two article types: blog posts and Amazon product roundups. Our team is working on adding more types, and we will keep our guides updated as we release more features.

If you want KoalaWriter to affiliate articles, select the Amazon Product Roundup article type. By default, the Amazon Product Roundup article type will include an introduction, a number of Amazon products, and a buying guide.

If you want to create blog posts or niche articles, please go to our Blog Post guide.

Target Keyword

For Amazon product roundups, your target keyword should be the product type you want to create affiliate links for. A few examples would be best dog food, best dog toys, and best dog beds.

Note: The target keyword box is meant to contain the product type you want the article to be about. Please do not input specific products.

Amazon Domain

Here, you can choose which Amazon domain you want KoalaWriter to get products from. For example, if your target audience is Japanese, then you might choose the Japanese Amazon domain (

Below is the list of supported Amazon domains:

Amazon UAE (
Amazon US (
Amazon Australia (
Amazon Belgium (
Amazon Brazil (
Amazon Canada (
Amazon China (
Amazon Germany (
Amazon Egypt (
Amazon Spain (
Amazon France (
Amazon India (
Amazon Italy (
Amazon Japan (
Amazon Mexico (
Amazon Netherlands (
Amazon Poland (
Amazon Saudi Arabia (
Amazon Singapore (
Amazon Sweden (
Amazon Turkey (
Amazon UK (

Number of Products

Simply choose how many products you want KoalaWriter to review in the article. You can enter any number up to 48.

First-Hand Experience

If you enable First-Hand Experience, KoalaWriter will review the articles as if it has experience using them. If you don't want the article to be written like this, then click the toggle to disable this.

Amazon Tracking ID

Paste your Amazon Affiliate ID here so KoalaWriter can automatically add it to the product links in the article.

Amazon Search URL

This is an optional prompt where you can enter an Amazon search URL to limit the products that KoalaWriter will choose from. If you want to save time, you can skip this prompt.

If you don't specify this, we automatically search for products based on the keywords you provide.

Note: Do not enter a product URL; only search URLs will work. If you enter an Amazon search URL, make sure it's in the same domain as the one you chose above.

For more detailed instructions, please go to our Amazon Product Search URL guide.

Tone of Voice

Currently, you can choose from seven tones of voice for your article. Choose any of these, and KoalaWriter will create the article using that tone of voice.

The tone of voice you choose should depend on your niche and brand voice.


KoalaWriter can write articles in the language you select. For example, if you want an article written in German, select German from the dropdown menu.

Point of View

Depending on your niche, you might want KoalaWriter to create articles from different points of view. For instance, if you want it to write from an expert author's perspective, you could choose First Person Singular. If you want it to highlight things from the reader's perspective, you could choose Second Person.

You can choose from the following:

First Person Singular
First Person Plural
Second Person
Third Person

Outline Editor

If you enable the Outline Editor, an outline will first be created before your article is written. You can re-order, delete, and add new sections to the outline before generating the article.

By enabling the Outline Editor, you will also be able to specify which products you want to include in the article.

For a more detailed guide, please go to our Outline Editor guide.

Note: If you want to specify which products to review, please enable the Outline Editor.

Advanced Options

All prompts under the Advanced Options are optional, but entering detailed prompts as needed can significantly improve the output.

Extra Title Prompt

This is an optional input. If you'd like to provide additional instructions for the title, put them here.

Example: "Choose a short, creative title."

Extra Section Prompt

Like the extra title prompt, this is also optional.

Here, you can input additional instructions that will be applied individually to all sections of your article. You cannot give instructions such as "write 1,200 words" because it will be applied to each section individually, not the whole article.

Example: "Keep paragraphs short and concise."

Creating the Article

If you want to create your affiliate article with the least amount of time and effort, you could provide the target keyword, leave everything on default, and click "Create Article." You can publish the output as-is; after all, KoalaWriter is a one-click AI writer.

However, if you want to get the absolute best results, we recommend spending a little more time tweaking your inputs before creating the article.

Updated on: 06/10/2023

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