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How to use the bulk writer in KoalaWriter

If you're using the bulk writer, you should see this on the top of the page:

If you want to create articles with the least amount of time and effort, you could provide the target keyword, leave everything on default, and click "Create Article." You can publish the output as-is; after all, KoalaWriter is a one-click AI writer.

However, if you want to get the absolute best results, we recommend spending a little more time tweaking your inputs before creating the article.

Select a Preset. If you don't have one yet, you can create one and save yourself time when creating articles.

If you already have a Preset, you can just enter the target keywords and click the Bulk Create button at the bottom.

If you want to group your articles, select a Project. This is optional.

Select a GPT Version. Please note the higher usage cost for the GPT-4 models.

Choose an Article Type.

When using the KoalaWriter bulk mode, we recommend creating similar articles by batch. This might mean creating blog posts first, then Amazon Product Roundups after, etc.

Enter the Target Keywords for your articles.

If you want us to automatically create a draft for you, please select which Integrated Account. At this time, this can be a WordPress, Shopify, or Webflow integration.

Choose an SEO Optimization level.

If you want us to add internal links to your articles, please select or create a domain from the Automatic Internal Linking feature.

Please check out our guide on how to enable internal linking in KoalaWriter.

Select an option under AI Images and YouTube Videos.

None: no images or videos
Auto: let KoalaWriter choose whether to insert a YouTube video or an AI image where appropriate
Images: your article will contain only AI images and no videos
Videos: your article will contain only YouTube videos and no images

Choose an Article Length.

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Select a Tone of Voice.

Currently, you can choose from seven tones of voice for your article. The tone of voice you choose should depend on your niche and brand voice.

Choose a Language. Please keep in mind that some languages can cost more to use.

KoalaWriter can write articles in the language you select. For instance, if you want an article written in German, select German from the dropdown menu.

Select the Country you want to rank in. This is especially helpful if your primary audience is outside the US, as it will localize all data fetching that KoalaWriter does.

Note: Make sure to enter the target keyword in the appropriate language. For instance, if you select Japan, please put the target keyword in Japanese.

Choose a Point of View.

Depending on your niche, you might want KoalaWriter to create articles from different points of view. For instance, if you want it to write from an expert author's perspective, you could choose First Person Singular. If you want it to highlight things from the reader's perspective, you could choose Second Person.

You can choose from the following:

First Person Singular
First Person Plural
Second Person
Third Person

Decide if you want to Use Real-Time Data.

If you enable this feature, KoalaWriter will fetch search results for each section and use that data to help generate the article. However, it can slightly increase the chances of plagiarism.

Real-Time Source Filtering

This allows you to filter which websites KoalaWriter will fetch data from and cite as a source.

Default: This option uses all of the top-ranking pages in the SERP and behaves the same as before.
Scholarly: This option only uses sources available on Google Scholar.
Custom: This option allows you to put in your own search operators.

For more details, please see our Real-Time Source Filtering guide.

Cite Sources

Enable this if you want KoalaWriter to include external links. However, note that GPT-3.5 might not cite sources even with this enabled.

Check out the Advanced Options. All options under this are optional, but entering detailed inputs properly can significantly improve the output. We recommend only using these if you know what you're doing. Otherwise, your article quality might drop instead.

Outline Prompt

Here, you can specify exactly what sections you want in the article. Each H2 should be on a new line, and you can specify H3s by indenting them.

To insert an indent, simply add a space before the H3. Note that only one level of indentation is supported, which means you cannot add an H4.

You should only include the names of the sections.

Note: KoalaWriter creates an introduction for every article by default, but you can remove the introduction by enabling the Outline Editor.

Extra Title Prompt

This is an optional input. If you'd like to provide additional instructions for the title, put them here.

Example: "Choose a short, creative title."

Extra Section Prompt

Like the extra title prompt, this is also optional.

Here, you can input additional instructions that will be applied individually to all sections of your article. You cannot give instructions such as "write 1,200 words" because it will be applied to each section individually, not the whole article.

Example: "Keep paragraphs short and concise."

Click Bulk Create. This will add your articles to your article queue.

Updated on: 01/02/2024

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