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How to limit word count in KoalaWriter

With KoalaWriter's new Article Length feature, you can now easily limit the article word count with a few clicks of your mouse!

This highly requested feature should make your workflow much smoother. And, with this feature, you can now limit the article lengths when using the Bulk Writer.

If you encounter any bugs when using this feature, please email us at!

Selecting Article Length in KoalaWriter

To select an article length, simply choose one from the dropdown menu.

Article Length Options in KoalaWriter


When selecting the Default option, KoalaWriter will determine how comprehensive the article should be. This will depend on your target keyword and the length of similar articles. The AI will analyze similar articles and generate an outline based on the data gathered.

Note: The average article length when selecting the Default option is 1,900 words or 9 sections.

Custom Number of Sections

If you want the article to have a specific number of sections instead of focusing on the word count, choose this option! This will allow you to enter a number of sections between 1 to 48.

Article Type Based on Length

If you don't want to specify a number of sections, you can simply choose from our 5 preset article lengths.

Shorter: 2-3 sections, 450-900 words
Short: 3-5 sections, 950-1350 words
Medium: 5-7 sections, 1350-1870 words
Long Form: 7-10 sections, 1900-2440 words
Longer: 10-12 sections, 2350-2940 words

Note: Please do not add or remove sections using the Outline Editor if you select an article type based on length. You can edit the section names, but adding or removing sections will change the word count of your article.

Limiting Word Count using the Outline Editor

If you want to have more control over your article outline, you can also limit the word count using the Outline Editor. Here's how:

1. Enable the Outline Editor

You can find the Outline Editor toggle below the Point of View option.

2. Delete or Add Sections in the Outline Editor

Once the article outline is generated, you can use the Outline Editor to add, remove, or edit sections. [Related: How to use the Outline Editor in KoalaWriter]

Simply limit the number of sections depending on how many words you want the article to have. Keep in mind that the average length of a section is 220 words!

So, if you want the article to have 1,500 words, you would limit the outline to 6-7 sections.

Note: You cannot use the Outline Editor in the Bulk Writer.

Updated on: 25/01/2024

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