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SEO Optimization in KoalaWriter

This guide explains the differences between the SEO Optimization modes in KoalaWriter.

Default SEO Optimization

When Default is selected, KoalaWriter will include relevant keywords where it makes sense, however, there will be no SERP analysis done to make sure that all relevant topics are covered for the target keyword.

Default mode will have KoalaWriter focus on the target keyword and add it to the text multiple times. It will also include related keywords and variations of the target keyword, however, sometimes it might not include enough related keywords.

Manual SEO Optimization

In Manual mode, you can specify a list of keywords for KoalaWriter to use in the article. This mode is best used if you use other tools such as MarketMuse or SurferSEO.

Please note there are no guarantees about which keywords will be used.

AI-Powered SEO Optimization

Lastly, when AI-Powered is selected, we analyze top-ranking pages and extract up to 100 topically relevant keywords/entities/sub-topics. These entities are then used when generating the outline and writing the article.

In our testing, this leads to a much more comprehensive article that often hits the target SEO score in tools such as MarketMuse or SurferSEO with zero editing.

In short, this results in a much more comprehensive article that has a better chance of ranking. However, please note that AI-Powered increases the time it takes to create the Outline.

Updated on: 29/04/2024

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